Bringing Individuals Together to Support the Community.


Food Security

The Food Security Coalition works toward making sure every person in Findlay-Hancock County has access to affordable and healthy food.



The Health Coalition strives to ensure Findlay-Hancock County offers adequate access to health and wellness resources.



The Housing Coalition works to provide safe and affordable housing for everyone in Findlay-Hancock County and wellness resources.


Mental Heath & Substance Use

The Mental Health & Substance Use Coalition aims
for the community to offer access to mental health
and substance use resources.


The Transportation Coalition aspires for everyone in Findlay-Hancock County to have access to safe and affordable transportation.



The Literacy Coalition works to coordinate and support community initiatives that promote lifelong literacy in Findlay-Hancock County.


Safety, Abuse & Security

The Safety, Abuse & Security Coalition works to ensure that everyone has access and resources to feel safe and secure in the community


Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Coalition, known as Raise The Bar, works to connect a trained labor force with businesses to meet workforce needs.


Today’s Investment.
Tomorrow’s lmpact.