Founded: 2011
Chair: Karim Baroudi
Goal: Work together to foster an environment that promotes a culture of nutritious food and physical activity for everyone in Hancock County

Our coalition based our initial priorities  on the results of a 2015 comprehensive Community Health Assessment. The assessment was conducted by the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio in conjunction with the University of Toledo to provide reliable statistical data that can be compared to state and national health targets. We will be repeating that health assessment process later in 2018 in order to measure progress on the long-term goal of decreasing obesity and diabetes.

We have 11 delineated strategies with articulated goals all of which address increasing knowledge and access to nutritious foods and physical activity opportunities.

*Some images courtesy of the University of Findlay. For more information on this and the College of Health Professions, click here.


Community Health Improvement Plan:

Hancock County Community Health Assessment: