What is Collective Impact?

Collective impact is a model that guides organizations from different sectors to agree to solve a social issue. This involves having a common agenda, aligning all work, and using common measures of success.

In order to create lasting solutions to complex social problems on a large-scale, organizations in government, civil society, and the business sector need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal.

There are five conditions to Collective Impact:

  • Common Agenda- Requires all participants to have a shared vision for change with a common understanding and joint approach

  • Continuous Collaboration- Developing rapport among participants so that they can each recognize and appreciate the common motivation behind various efforts

  • Shared Measurement Systems- Agreed upon ways that success will be measured and reported

  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities- Requires a diverse group of stakeholders working together and supporting each other to undertake a specific set of activities

  • Backbone Support Organizations- Handles the daily operations and keeps the work on track and moving forward