Safety, Abuse & Security

Founded: 2016
Chair: Ashley Ritz
Grand Challenge: Ensure advocacy for all victims of abuse in Hancock County



  • Collaborative education and awareness events

  • Implement pediatric sexual assault nurse examiner program

  • implement process for victims to obtain temporary protection orders

  • victim advocate(s) for all Court systems

By The Numbers:

  • Provided emergency shelter to 62 adults and children

  • Served 1,334 individuals in our Rape Crisis Program through emergency room visits, individual support, crisis calls, and prevention presentations

  • Reached out to 159 children in Hancock County through our Child Advocacy Program

  • Provided assistance to 134 individuals in our Violence Recovery Project for offenders

  • 1,599 adults participated in our Outreach Program, including support group, individual support, legal advocacy, and emergency room visits

  • Received 514 crisis calls on our 24-hour crisis hotline

  • Reached out to approximately 11,808 people in Hancock County Through group presentations and our community education, prevention and awareness efforts

  • Provided 1,086 visits and 128 exchanges through our Harmony House program to 241 adults and 115 children

  • Provided emergency shelter and comprehensive assistance equaling 1,463 days of care

  • Assisted with 241 civil protection order petitions

  • Provided 528 educational presentations in the community on domestic violence and sexual assault

  • 4,311 total individual services in 2017

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