Findlay High School's Annual Career Day

On October 2, Findlay High School hosted its annual Career Day and College Fair. This is where local employers and Ohio colleges come together to show students from the Findlay-Hancock County area all the careers they may go into and the colleges they could attend. 1700 junior and senior students from nine different school districts arrived on buses. This career day involved nearly thirty businesses. Booths were set up around the gymnasium of various career paths that a student could take, either after high school or after college. These booths ranged from Rowmark to Cooper Tire to Creative Hair Design and even the University of Findlay’s Environmental Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) program. This differed from a job fair because it wasn’t students actively looking for jobs but rather learning about various career paths. Courtney Van Horn from Cooper Tire stated that they had “great students” visit their booth. She explained that they asked questions, including how to apply. She later added that it’s “great they have this for juniors and seniors because a lot of them don’t know what they want to do, especially those who don’t want to go to college. This shows them a way to at least put their foot in the door.” One student, Kurtis Edler, stated, “I got to learn a lot about what you can do out of college.” Carla Benjamin at the MLS Systems booth said she aimed to make kids aware of summer internships. Dr. Tim Murphy, from the University of Findlay’s ESOH program, stated that many of his students now work at the companies at this Career Day. He’s proud to show what people can do, by telling them about the degree then directing them to past students who now work at various places around Findlay. He added that about fifty students came up to the booth and there seemed to be “a lot of interest.” He wanted to inform people in Findlay and Hancock county about the university and all the places they can work at and be involved with. Overall, businesses were pleased with this opportunity for the students. Kara Winner from Rowmark said that it was “nice to see all these companies in one place and all the things that Findlay has to offer. College isn’t the only option.” Findlay High School’s annual career day provides vast opportunities for local businesses to inform students about careers they can pursue, either after college or as an alternative to college.