Findlay Habitat for Humanity Chapter Participates in Nationwide Blitz Build

Habitat for Humanity for Findlay-Hancock County held a Raise the Wall ceremony and grounds blessing to commemorate the start of their 41st home built in Hancock County. The house will be built in just two weeks as a part of a nationwide Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build across 31 states to build 250 homes, helping to set just as many families up for a more stable future.

"As we all know, home is everything," says Habitat Findlay Executive Director Wendy McCormick. "Home gives you the foundation to build your family on, to work on your health, to help your children have better education so building this home and partnership for the Cook Family, for their three children, will set a solid foundation for them for their future."

The house is also the first home that Habitat Findlay is building alongside the Hancock County Home Builders Association, a partnership years in the making that will help to better the country for years to come.

"This has just planted so many seeds for future relationships," says McCormick. "Habitat Findlay has home repair program. Many of the specialists that have come out in different areas from concrete to plumbing to heating and electrical have said 'how else can we help.' So, we're really hopeful it leads to other ways we can serve more families."

To learn more about the Findlay-Hancock County Habitat for Humanity chapter, click here.