Career Day

In Fall 2017, Findlay-Hancock County had nearly 1,100 Juniors and Seniors visit Findlay High School for the inaugural College and Career Day Event. The purpose of the event is to showcase to students the multitude of career opportunities that exist in Findlay-Hancock County. Over 30 businesses participated in the event; each displaying company information and providing hands-on examples of products produced. Approximately 25% of graduating students in Findlay-Hancock County are planning on pursuing other ventures rather attending college, including working in manufacturing.

"This was AWESOME! So many opportunities I had no idea existed!"


-Findlay High School Senior

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Secondary/Post-Secondary Committee, Findlay City Schools, Hancock County Schools, Millstream Career Center, Local Area Businesses, Exploring

Reverse Job Day

In 2017, Millstream Career Center piloted the innovative Reverse Job Fair model for Seniors looking to enter the part-time and full-time workforce. Students highlighted their skills at tables and displays in a way that easily provided employers with information they needed including programs, date of turning 18, GPA, and/or attendance. Each student was able to develop a plan to “sell themselves” with preparatory classes and targeted work sessions prior to the fair.

"We want to make this convenient for businesses and have real impact on these kids. This is real life, a real job, and potentially their first real interview. It can be difficult to lean how to sell yourself so we're trying to give them experience and gain exposure to the skill of interviewing."


-Pam Hamlin, Director, Millstream Career Center

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Millstream Career Center, Local Area Businesses